Dirk Pitt Wiki

Dirk Pitt has a unique home which he rarely lives in because of his Job as the head of NUMA. He lives in a remodeled and refurbished hangar on the grounds of Washington National Airport, near Washington, D.C.. A cast-iron stairway leads into a cluttered apartment with maps of the sea and models of ships scattered all about. The hangar houses his classic car/antique car collection, as well as a Messerschmitt Me 262 aircraft, a Ford trimotor aircraft, a Pullman railroad dining car, and a totem pole. The hangar also contains items collected from prior adventures, such as a cast-iron bathtub with an outboard motor fixed to one end, and is protected by a state-of-the-art security system. Pitt occasionally adds classic cars to his collection purloined from a variety of antagonists over the course of his adventures. In his earliest adventures he lived there by himself but since his encounter with his children, Dirk Pitt, Jr and Summer Pitt they moved in with him. At the end of Trojan Odyssey he had is wedding Reception in his hangar where he met Clive Cussler for another time over the course of the series.

Cars of Dirk Pitt

A 1936 Maybach Zeppelin was featured in The Mediterranean Caper*The Mediterranean Caper - 1936 Maybach Zeppelin Town car

Iceberg - (no car, but Pitt acquires the Ford Trimotor aircraft)

  • Raise the Titanic! - (no car, but reference to a Stutz Bearcat Speedster, and a Renault town car recovered from the Titanic is mentioned in Vixen 03. The Ford Trimotor is also mentioned.)
  • Vixen 03 - 1912 Renault open-drive landaulette
  • Night Probe! - AC Cobra and Jensen
  • Pacific Vortex! - AC Cobra
  • Deep Six - Talbot-Lago
  • Cyclops - Daimler Regency, 1957 Chevrolet (also cast iron bathtub with an outboard motor strapped to it)
  • Treasure - Cord L-29
  • Dragon - 1932 Stutz (also acquires a Messerschmitt Me 262)
  • Sahara - 1936 Avions Voisin
  • Inca Gold - 1936 Pierce-Arrow Travelodge Trailer
  • Shock Wave - J2X Allard (also a totem pole and Marvelous Maeve, a beatup boat)
  • Flood Tide - 1929 Model J Duesenberg
  • Atlantis Found - 1936 Ford Hot Rod
  • Valhalla Rising - 1938 Packard Towncar
  • Trojan Odyssey - Marmon V-16
  • Black Wind - 1958 Chrysler 300-D Convertible
  • Treasure of Khan - 1921 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
  • Arctic Drift - 1932 Auburn V-12
  • Crescent Dawn - 1948 Model 135 Delahaye