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Dirk Pitt, Jr. is a fictional character. He is a protagonist in a few recent Clive Cussler novels. born- 1981 (30 as of Arctic Drift) Dirk Pitt, Jr. is the son of Dirk Pitt and Summer Moran. He has a twin sister, Summer Pitt. He works for the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) as the special projects director. He replaced his father at this post after his father took command of NUMA. He first appeared in the novel Valhalla Rising and has since appeared inTrojan Odyssey, Black Wind, and Treasure of Khan. He is 6 ft 3 in and weighs 175 pounds. He has wavy black hair and green eyes and looks exactly like his father did at his age. In Treasure of Khan, Dirk helps rescue his sister after she is kidnapped on a research mission. He shows the same ingenious creativity his dad has shown numerous times by creating a catamaran from his and his sister's surf boards to escape a lifeless ship.

If they were to make another Dirk Pitt movie that featured Dirk Pitt Jr., Matthew McConaughey would probably play a double role as Dirk Pitt Sr. and Dirk Pitt Jr. as Clive Cussler described Pitt Jr. looking exactly like Pitt Sr. at Pitt Sr. glory age.

Dirk Jr. favorite type of Drink is Brandy.

Cars of Dirk Pitt Jr.[]

  • Black Wind - 58 Chrysler 300-D convertible

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