5' 10". 135 pounds. Slim for her height. Small hips with medium bust, say 34B. Hair is dark red, the reason her father, a wine connoisseur, named her after the grape of Beaujolais. She generally wears her hair long and swirled up. Gamay is an attractive woman, nor gorgeous or overly sexy, but appealing to most men. She has a flashing smile with a slight gap in her upper front teeth like actress/model Lauren Hutton. More open and vivacious than her husband, she moves among men well because she has a talent for thinking like they do. She was a tomboy when a girl, always running with a gang of boys, building tree houses, playing baseball in the streets of Racine, Wisconsin, and taught by her father to shoot skeet. She is, by the way, an excellent marksman.

Her father, a successful developer, always owned yachts and sailed the Great Lakes. Gamay learned to scuba dive on a trip to Hawaii and was hooked. She became an expert diver, diving on many of the known wrecks on Lakes Michigan and Superior. She received a degree in Marine Archaeology from the University of North Carolina before changing her field of interest and enrolling in Scripps Institute of Oceanography where she eventually attained a doctorate in Marine Biology. Two years younger than Paul, she met him while on a field trip in La Paz, Mexico. They fell in love and were married the following year.

Gamay is a fitness nut, eating nutritious foods, deeply into holistic medicine, and running and bicycling and hiking during family four-wheeling trips into the Virginia countryside when she isn’t working on remodeling projects around their townhouse.

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