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One of Juan's books, Flood Tide

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is the main character of the Oregon Files series. He is the captain of the Oregon and chairman of a mercenary team called the corparation.

Cabrillo features in all of the Oregon Files novels and he also features in the Dirk Pitt adventures in Flood Tide. During the Novel Flood Tide Cabrillo has his left leg blown off and amputated just below the knee. The fact he has a missing leg plays a minor part in the Oregon Files since he has many type of prosthetic leg, his favourite being his combat leg which contains secret compartements to hold weaponary which ranges from pistols to combat knives. The combat leg also features a single shot .44 magnum that can be fired from the heel of the foot.

Cabrillo was born and grew up in California. He once had a wife but she was killed in a drunk driving incident. He rarely speaks of it.

Cabrillo is described as having blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He also has a swimmers physique.


Cabrillo distrusts anyone who likes the intamacy of killing with a knife.

His favourite pistol is the Five-SeveN.

He enjoys swimming. Often doing many laps of the Oregon's swimming pool. Even though he has a missing leg he can still do a mean Butterfly stroke.